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My Dog Chews Everything! Find Causes and Toys to Relieve Chewing Irritation in Dogs

Dogs have their own behavior patterns and habits. Humans have found that they have the same way of emoting their feelings as we have. They are vulnerable to certain things and while we are allergic to a few, they on their behalf are also prone to the same at certain times. Some dogs have the habit of chewing a lot. This can be irritating to experience and if you see your dog biting your useful item, it can spark the feeling of anger too.


But, most important is to understand the behavior tendencies of the dog and then handle the situation with sensitivity. The cause of chewing among dogs:

  • Irritation in the teeth is the most likely reason behind this condition.
  • The feeling can be sparked due to want of food.
  • Any other reason which the doctor can detect.
  • Playful tendency.


But it is common. The best option is to give the puppy chewable toys which are soft on these teeth and serves the purpose. A few varieties are outlined below:

1. Super soft and indestructible rubber ball which can be given to the pet in the condition of chewing. It is safe and advisable by the doctors. Many brands in the market circulate such balls to ease the irritation in the teeth of the animal. It is however used as a playing aid by the dog.

2. High quality rubber made toys which have two layers of safe rubber filled with it. This can be given to the dog. But supervision is essential as the dog can bite it into pieces and gulp it down its stomach. This can be harmful and cause other problems in the dog. So self administering while giving the toy to chew is important.

3. Large size balls which normally the kids use to play can be given to the dog to ease the irritation of chewing. It is safe and many companies, especially manufacture such toys for the benefit of the dogs.

4. Toys made of real tire are also given to the dogs and they can easily chew it without having any side effect on the dog. It has nylon fibers filled in it and is safe. Vigilance is advised though.

5. Frisbees and discs made of rubber can be given to the dogs. These are available in dog shops and can be bought from the pet to play with or chew with. They have proper strength and can bear the teeth of the dog.

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These are few items meant for chewing among dogs. Many companies are exclusively manufactured toys for dogs which are made with the aim of relieving the chewing irritation caused in the teeth of the dogs. It is safe to buy the toys made especially for this purpose. The best toys for the chewing habit in digs are easily available in the dog shops and be purchased at the best prices. These are now available online also. The items used for filling the toy should be safe.



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