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Training Tips For A Pixie-bob

The Pixie Bob cat is a hyperactive and quite an intelligent cat. They develop family bonds pretty fast and soon get comfortable with the family members. If there are kids at home, you will find your cat paying a lot of attention on them and soon they will become inseparable. Their intelligence makes them act like dogs at times. This cuddly cat never gets too aggressive and that makes them easy to train. Moreover, they soon get attached to family members and this will make training session easier for them.


Importance of Pixie-Bob Training

Pixie-bob is a perfect little cat, that has also been blessed with good intelligence. If it is trained from the very first day, it may soon become quite enjoyable to spend time with your cat. When facing any fear, the cat tends to hide behind the furniture instead of scratching the surfaces. Proper socialization and training help the cat to overcome its fears and continue to be a cuddly and friendly feline companion.

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Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Pixie Bob Cat

A variety of tools and equipment are available in the market that assists in the training of this cat.

Tasty treats

This is a domestic breed and can easily follow the instructions. If you try training your cat using tasty treats as rewards, it will follow the instructions more properly. It will also understand what is expected from it and will behave in precisely the same manner. Since they are shy by nature, they usually do not get destructive and follow the house rules without any trouble.


Toilet Training

It is for your own and your family members’ health that you start toilet training your cat right from the very first day. With proper training, your cat may also use human toilets, but if it is proving to be difficult, you can use a litter box for the purpose. Initially, you may have to pick it up and help, but later, it will pick up fast and use the toilet on its own.

Fetching and Retrieving

Cats love to indulge in fetching and retrieving activities and if you spend a little time with them, they will love to play this game with you. These are enjoyable sessions and the cats derive a lot of pleasure from these activities.

Clicker Training

A clicker is actually a sound emitting device used by the trainer, making a click sound as soon as the pet indulges in a desirable behavior. The sharp sound made by the clicker makes the cat understand the behavior expected by the trainer.

Different Trainings Required for a Pixie Bob cat

Litter Training

  • Buy a comfortable size litter box and initiate litter training for your cat.
  • Use a simple styled litter box for this purpose. The size of the box must be a little bigger, so that your pet doesn’t feel boxed in in a small litter box.
  • Use the litter box frequently and place it in the litter box when it needs to do its “business”.


Leash Training

  • Allow your cat to get used to the leash before using it.
  • Use a light-in weight leash and collar to initiate leash training for your cat.
  • If the cat is not at ease and robustly opposes a leash, cease its use for a few days and start using it again after some time.
  • Be very calm when using the leash for the very first time.

Obedience Training

  • Though, Pixie Bob is an enchanting and delightful cat, obedience training of this pet must begin on the very first day, it is brought home.
  • Be very tolerant, yet firm when ensuring obedience in this lovely cat.
  • Discourage disruptive behavior at once so that the same is not reinforced.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Pixie-Bob cat

Do’s Don’ts
Pixie Bob cats are truly gorgeous, but it is essential that you stay a little firm with them. In order to ensure proper house training, it is important that you are patient when handling your cat.
Call them by their name so that they start responding to it. Do not yell or be extra strict with them.

 Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for A Pixie Bob cat

Certain tips can help in training your Pixie Bob cat in the most easy manner.

  • Pixie Bob cats are gentle, social and intelligent cats and can be trained easily with a little patience and perseverance.
  • Make the training sessions fun and exciting for them for speedier learning.
  • Be considerate and thoughtful to your cat, understand its cues and use positive reinforcement.



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