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Understanding Your Pets And Keeping Them Happy During Drives

The pets have become an important part of our life. It is your best companion in every phase of life. Just a single smile of yours makes its day. It helps you to be happy when you are sad and removes dullness and loneliness of your life.

Every pet has its own nature and attitude. It varies from breed to breed. Few pets have a fear of strangers, veterinary doctors or anything else, whereas few are very friendly, loving and affectionate. So, for you it becomes necessary to understand the behavior of your pet, so as to make it happy. This nature of the pet is due to fewer things. They are:

  • Interaction: As already said that a pet when supposed to be introduced to a stranger gets frightened. This is because of the problem of less interaction in its earlier stages. This is the basic part of its training. So, now to make your pet happy and remove this frightening fear from it you should train it socialization with new people.
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  • Problem of temperament: Few pets are of cower nature and few are very friendly. This is because of their temperamental qualities. This could be changed using training medium and make it learn obedience skills.

Every individual requires the basic necessities of life that is food to eat, air to breathe and water to drink whether it is a human, plant or animal. So, your pet does require regular diet like you, but the important thing to be kept in mind is that the diet provided to it must be healthy as per its nutritional requirements and must be given in an appropriate quantity. There are several good quality pet food products are available, but no perfect food has been made yet.  So, you will get a number of alternatives to choose from.


Playing, walks are another way to make your pet happy. Making your pet happy is your duty being its owner. If you are going on a drive, then you can keep your pet happy by following ways:

  • Prior planning with pet: It is important for you to make prior planning with your pet for the trip, especially for the night trips so that it may not act as a nightmare for it. And also to make the pet comfortable with the trip and with you and your family.
  • Carrying a plenty of food: While going on a trip with your family you carry a plenty of food for them. Similarly, you should carry food products for your pet as well while taking it on a trip or a long drive. But take care of this thing to feed minimum during the drive.
  • Carrying toys and balls: On a trip you should carry some toys, balls, etc so as to make your pet play and feel entertained and active.
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  • Breaks and stops at regular intervals: The pets are not habitual of sitting too long folding their legs. Moreover, their bladder is very small, so they need to stretch their legs and fresh up after sometime respectively.
  • Ensure energy burn-up: Before taking up a pet on a drive you have to ensure that its energy is burned up. The pets usually require energy burn up at short intervals of time.


  • Assurance of keeping the pet with you all the time: To keep a pet happy during a drive you should ensure that the hotel in which you are staying allows pet also to stay with you. As these hotels provide parks and outside places to you for your pets to take them there for a walk out and help to remain calm. Leaving the pet alone in a hotel or  any new place may lead to its sickness or make it bark.
  • Massage: To keep your dog relaxed and calm give your pet a massage before its head before taking it on a drive.


Finally, it can be concluded that by following the given tips you can make your pet happy during a drive and remove its boredom and ensure its entertainment.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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