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What to Expect from Pedigree (MARS Inc.) Relaunch of Eukanuba Dog Food in India?

Mars International India Pvt. Ltd., the completely owned division of Mars, Incorporated, USA, has launched its international pet food brand ‘Eukanuba’ in India. Mars, Inc. is the giant which is behind the world famous brands like Snickers, Milky Way, Mars, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Pedigree and Orbit. Eukanuba has been acquired by Mars from The Proctor & Gamble along with other pet food brands like Natura and Iams.

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In a statement, Director Corporate Affairs for Mars India, Mr, Nitin Kulkarni said, “Mars is driven by the passion for service, pet care and responsible pet ownership. We believe that pets make our world better and our vision is to make a better world for them.”

Hoping for a better future for Eukanuba dog food in India, Mr. Kulkarni said, “Eukanuba is a well established brand and is trusted by pet owners across the world. It has a wider portfolio in terms of variants, textures and flavours for special needs of the pets. With Eukanuba coming on board, we hope to satisfy the needs of our customers and pets around the world by offering them high quality products.”

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Eukanuba has been in the business of pet nutrition since 1969. Backed with scientific research, Eukanuba follows a nutritional philosophy for dogs which states that since dogs evolved from carnivores their diet should be more reflective of a carnivorous diet. That is why the primary source of protein in Eukanuba is made up by animal proteins derived mainly from chicken or lamb, rather than from vegetables. The vastness of their nutritional dog food range reflects their commitment to the overall health and happiness of dogs.

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The premium pet food caters to all aspects of a canine’s health, developing and maintaining lean muscles, strong bones and teeth, healthy and shiny coat, and improved immunity and digestive system. To best meet the needs of man’s best friend, Eukanuba has customized its food on the basis of life stages (puppy, adult, senior), size (small, medium, large), breed type (Rottweiler, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer), food types (dry and wet) and special needs (support for weight loss, digestion, skin care, joints, pregnancy/lactation).

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About MarsBorn in 1882, Frank C. Mars was afflicted with polio since childhood that prevented him from walking up to school. The lessons taught in kitchen by his mother were accompanied with a hands-on training in the art of making hand-dipped chocolates. Frank started as a small scale maker and seller of butter cream candy, in 1911, from his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington. First brush with large scale success came in 1923 when Milky Way bar was launched and became an instant success. Mars, Incorporated relocates to Chicago, Illinois in 1929. Now with better rail connectivity, distribution of the candy bars to other parts of the country became easy and business became more profitable. Franks’s son Forrest E. Mars, Sr. moved to United Kingdom to expand the business. Over the years, Mars has widened its horizon further and further by entering into different geographical territories, acquiring other businesses, creating brands in fields such as confectionary, pet food, drinks and other food products.A global leader, Mars has many world-renowned brands under it including:

Chocolate – Sinckers, M&M’s, Mars, Galaxy, Twix, Milky Way and Dove;

Pet care – Whiskas, Pedigree, Royal Canin, Sheba, Chappi, Kit-e-kat and Nutro;

Wrigley – Starburst, Orbit, Skittles and Doublemint;

Food – Dolmip, Masterfoods, Seeds of Change and Dolmio;

Drinks – The Bright Tea Co., Flavio, Alterra, Klix and Dove/Galax.

Mars retains top positions in pet care industry with Pedigree dog food and Royal Canin dog and cat food, and now with Eukanuba the solid position of Mars will become harder to challenge.




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