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3 Interesting Reasons Why Your Dog Bows

Dogs don’t fail to amuse us with their intelligent ways of communicating their moods to us and their furry buddies. When your dogs bow in front of you, what could it possibly mean? Let’s translate a dog’s bow into some beautiful things your pet is trying to say. With a little help from us you’ll do great in interpreting doggie lingo and letting out the right responses at the right time.

1) A bow: Front limbs extended out, with the shoulders touching the floor and the rump up in the air, this is your dog saying come let’s play and have some fun! A happy dog with lips stretched into an inviting smile is what you’ll see coupled with the posture. This kind of bow is offered to fellow canines as a signal to indulge in some frolic. Even dominant dogs can bow to dogs ranked low in the social hierarchy. Play bows are all about having a good time and transcends social rankings in the canine world with even those at the lowest rung of the ladder inviting a hard nut for friendship and some play. Sometimes canines may indulge in some roughhousing and banging into one another, but it is all done in good humor and accompanied by bows from both sides expressing an innocent sorry for the disorderly play.

2) A sign of greeting its human: Your pet will only bow in front of its favorite humans and not just any or everyone. After you come home from the market or office, your pet dog will run upto you and stretch its front legs, raise its rear and say, “Hello, good to see you.” It may also be a daily ritual with the pooch to greet you this way every morning after you’ve woken up! It’s a cute show of affection, one that should be enough to kickstart your day on a happy note.

Other times the same bow could indicate a playful mood and you’ll notice your cutesy furry is upbeat with energy during such times. It may also bring to you its most liked toy and summon you to join in for a game or a chase. A wagging tail, some barks and the downward pose signal playfulness.

3) A bow to impress a female canine: When a female dog enters heat, a male counterpart assumes said position to impress her. The dog may bow several times as part of a mating ritual and send her feelers. It is a bow expressing a desire for friendship and mating.

As a pet owner it’s important to understand the importance of socializing the pet. A dog that hasn’t been socialized in its early years is most likely to interpret another dog’s bow as a threat. Instead of inciting play, a bow may lead to fear in such a dog.

Whenever the four-legged invites you for some mischief, always accept the offer even if the game lasts only for a few minutes.


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