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Why your dog needs toys?

Dogs  by nature are meant to  live in the wild and if they were not domesticated, then there would have not been the requirement of the  toys.  The dogs need toys to replace the activities and the way of life they would have otherwise experienced as the wild animals. The toys that are provided to them must meet these needs and keep them healthy and happy.

The dog toys can be divided into four types:

Chewing Toys

Dog Chewing Toys

The dogs need to chew throughout their lives for the  number of reasons. Therefore, they should be provided the items to chew; otherwise they will pick and chew anything they find. Puppies  chew to ease their anxiety, soothe their gums and  make way for a new tooth to grow.  The adult dogs chew in order to maintain their jaw muscles. The dogs also chew to pass the time or in other words- to ease boredom. In case of the adult dogs, chewing  toys  helps them to knock out  boredom and avoid tooth problems.

Activity Toys

activity toys  Activity dog toys help in keeping the domestic dogs fit. Moreover, the toys keep  the pet dogs in good shape and burn off the calories that would be unused otherwise. Activity toys, if used wisely help in strengthening dog’s muscles and reinforcing  good bone structure. Frequent interaction with the constructive play helps in building the good relation with the pooch. The demand of activity dog toys is huge  these days, with the fetch toys, Frisbees and traditional balls coming in  number of varieties and materials.

Through the periods of day when they are not sleeping, the dogs have a huge amount of energy to burn. These  toys help a lot in  avoiding the  destructive tendencies of  the dogs. Adult dogs need regular exercise to keep the organs, bones and muscles working in order. It should also be taken care that the dogs do not exercise more than needed. Regular but reduced amount of activities helps the senior dog maintain healthy joints.

Reward Toys

Reward Toys  Similar to wild animals, dogs rarely spend time  alone. However, as domestic pets, most the dogs spend time on their own at some stage. This boredom can lead to the destructive behavior. It is necessary that one should provide the dog with the appropriate toys that help in  avoiding tedium and offer tempting play. At times, this may be met with a reward such as a hidden treat.

Apart from the chewing toys, the puppy dog just love to play  the toys and reacting to the sound or movements. This makes them really happy.

Many senior dogs respond well to  a toy, which  helps them stay alert when they are  alone.

Soothing or Comfort Toys

  Soothing or Comfort Toys These kinds  of dog toys are not essentially needed by all the types of dogs, but there may be many times in the life of a  dog when the need of serenity and soothe is required.The comfort toys can ease the separation from the mother or smooth the change from being a litter member.

It is a good idea to provide the pet dogs with the different types of dog toys. This lets them  strain free and enjoy every moment at the home. The domesticated dogs really need dog training toys in order to remain occupied and trouble-free!


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