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These 10 Signs Show That Your Dog Loves You A Lot

10 Signs Dogs Show Love 1.1
Dogs have interesting ways to communicate their love to us. Some signs may not be overtly projected to us but they are there. Some may be very direct and obvious. As you read through these signs you’ll only end up loving your pooch even more.

1) Often licks your face: If your dog licks your face, then rejoice the adoration it bestows on you. Licking happens for reasons like grooming you, accepting you as a superior, seeing you as a parent or wanting to be fed.

2) Leans on you: This is yet another symbol of dog’s love for you. This sign shows that it sees you as its pillar and a protector because it trusts and loves you. The pooch may tilt to you for some consolation in times of stress/insecurity or simply is looking for your love and caress.

3) Yawns when it sees you yawning: According to a study carried out a few years ago in Japan, the dogs yawn contagiously when their favorite human yawns. So next time you yawn in front of your dog, just notice if it responds with some mouth stretching as well. It shows that your dog is sub-consciously emulating you.

4) Brings its favorite toy to you: If your pup brings its most desired toy to you, it means that it truly and deeply loves and respects you. It treats you like a pack leader, perhaps wanting to please you. So your dog bringing a toy to play with you truly means that it trusts you with its personal belongings and wants to share them with you. Of course you can always respond to this love by a little play session with your furry fan.

5) Sleeps in your bedroom: A dog’s urge to sleep next to you clearly indicates that it wants to cling on to its pack member/leader. Observe where it likes to snooze and if it’s your bed room or crib, then it adores you a lot. If you don’t allow it on your bed, it’ll happily settle for a cozy spot in your bedroom.

6) Keeps its calm when you leave home: An intense panic coming from your dog implies a separation anxiety which you wouldn’t want your dog to suffer from. However, if it sees you off calmly, it is sure you will return and is a way of exerting its trust and confidence in you.

7) Ecstatic to see you back home: When you return from work after a tiring day and your dog is the happiest being to see you home, it brings a reassuring smile to you of its unconditional love. Coming home to a chirpy pooch jumping with excitement and wagging its tail is all you need to wash up that fatigue.

8) Stars in your eyes: When it makes a direct eye contact while the two of you are spending time playing, cuddling or during other normal activities is a sign of its fondness for you. Perhaps it is a way of cementing the bond two of you share.

9) Cuddles after mealtime? Good tasting and healthy food is anyone’s weakness including dogs. According to neuroscientist Gregory Berns, after a dog has eaten its meal what it does next denotes what’s important to it apart from food. If it cuddles you after any of its meals be sure of its love for you!

10) Move up its left eyebrow: Another study from Japan sheds light on a dog’s facial movement as indicating love for its master. The experiment involved introducing dogs to a stranger, their parents, dog toy/treats and an object they disapproved. Upon seeing their parent/owner, the dogs lifted their left eye-brow. None of the other stimuli incited the same response. It was concluded that dogs are more cautious when exposed to items they don’t like or strangers.

Your dog has more than one way to say I LOVE YOU. Emotions like these are a two way street! You got to love your pet to win loads of love in return. So what ways do you employ daily to cosset your pooch with some TLC?


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