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     Acana Dog & Cat Food

    Acana is an award-winning pet food manufacturer having a distinction of trust spanning more than a quarter century. The products offered by them are all biologically appropriate in order to reflect their natural diet in the wild. They offer Dog food, Dog treats and Cat food, all Carbohydrate and Glycemic limited for countering obesity and diabetes. We at Pets World have categorised Acana products according to your pet’s breed and their dietary requirements so that you select the most fitting meal for your four-legged friend.

    The main ingredients offered by Acana includes Heritage Red meats, Free Run Poultry Eggs, Wild and Sustainably caught fish and Locally Grown Botanicals all delivered fresh and raw from high-quality sources for safeguarding your pet’s health and to keep them happy and active. The food offered by Acana are never outsourced and are produced in their own kitchen. Delicious ingredients like Lamb, Free run Duck Food and Cobb chicken makes the meal delicious for your pet to savour. All Acana foods are absolutely Gluten and Grain free for making it suitable for dogs experiencing allergies too.

    Speaking about the nutritional facts which Acana offers, a rich protein provided by them helps in building good muscle mass and strength. The Carbohydrate content is lowered considerably for maintaining a stable blood sugar level. A multivitamin complex offered by them helps to build a strong defence mechanism in your pet.

    At Pets World, you can find all of the Acana Products and their daily recommended dosage for fulfilling your pet’s appetite. We offer you all the available assortments of a product for giving you more options to select.