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    Farmina is a renowned global pet food brand manufacturing  super-quality diets for both dogs and cats. The brand strives to develop the most natural and scientifically validated nutritional systems. Apart from their regular diet, they also provide some of the highly effective prescription foods, which come under the name 'Farmina Vet Life’. The nutritional profile of this diet is formulated to support a faster recovery in dogs and cats from various illnesses.

    At PetsWorld, we have a huge range of Farmina products to give your pet a richly nourishing diet worth cherishing.  

    For Dogs, Farmina has various diets like N&D Quinoa Grain Free, N&D Ocean Grain Free, N&D Pumpkin Grain Free, Vet Life Canine, Team Breeder etc.  offering nutrition that promises to bolster your canine’s health. We at PetsWorld provide Farmina foods for puppies, adult dogs as well as the senior dogs. You can find the diets for all dog breeds.

    As for cats, we have diets like Matisse, N&D Prime Grain, N&D Pumpkin Grain and Vet Life Feline that boost the overall wellbeing of your cat. Diets like Matisse serve top notch diets for kittens and adult cats as well as neutered cats. Matisse Chicken and Rice, Matisse Salmon and Tuna are some of the highly delectable and nutritionally complete diets for the cats.

    Farmina Vet Life is probably the best prescription diet for both dogs and cats formulated to treat specific health conditions and/or prevent pathological states or their reoccurrence. We at PetsWorld provide Farmina Vet Life Foods for both dogs and cats which treat problems like obesity, undergrowth, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, Diabetes and Hepatic and Renal Insufficiencies.

    At PetsWorld, we consider your pet’s health as our highest priority and hence by providing diets from a leading brand like Farmina, we strive to instil health and strength of the highest order in them.

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