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     Buy Whiskas Dry and Wet Food for Adult Cat & Kitten

    Whiskas, the premium cat food, is a part of Mars Inc., a hugely popular and successful American organization managing several world-famous brands under its umbrella.

    Established in 1936, Whiskas was originally named Kal Kan cat food, making it one of the oldest cat foods in the world.

    Coming in pretty purple cans, pouches, or trays, Whiskas Brand offers chicken and fish-based dry and wet range of delicious and nutritive preparations. This blend provides for the unique needs of all cats and kittens. The physiological disposition of the cats makes them dependent on animal flesh to meet their vital body needs.

    At PetsWorld, you will see all the Whiskas products lined up here at competitive prices. Whiskas Cat Dry Food is beneficial for cats as dry foods help in boosting their dental health due to the crunchy kibbles. Dry Foods have also longer shelf life, even after opening, which makes it cost-effective. The Whiskas Tuna Dry Cat Food is one of the best cat foods in dry form that offers high-quality nutrition to your felines.

    On the other hand, Whiskas Cat Food Wet which comes in pouches and cans ensures that your little felines get plenty of moisture. Almost all wet cat foods have at least 65 percent moisture content that keeps the cats well-hydrated. One of the best, wet cat foods available at PetsWorld is the Whiskas Ocean Fish Wet Food. It has a tempting aroma that entices almost all the cats out there.

    Apart from this, Whiskas brings the various combinations of nutrients and flavors (like Sardine and Trout, Tuna in Jelly, Mackerel, and Salmon), which satisfies the fundamental requirements of the cat. These cat foods also promote the overall health and happiness of the furry feline.

    If you have kittens in your house, you can buy them food like Whiskas Mackerel Kitten. It has 41 essential nutrients that support healthy growth in them. It is in fact a kitten food that provides baby cats with healthy bones, coats, and eyesight. Also, the antioxidants in Whiskas Kitten foods bolster the kitten’s immune system which helps them fight infections and diseases.

    If you like to know more about Whiskas Foods, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.