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  1. CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 10 Kg
    CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 10 Kg
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    CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 2 Kg

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Beagle Dog Food

Beagles have a healthy appetite and are known for not being so picky about food. They tend to be fully satisfied with the food they are being fed. This trait helps you to feed your Beagle all the nutritional food your desire to give him.

At PetsWorld, we stock the highest quality diet for puppies, adults as well as senior Beagles. We have the diet from reputed brands like Pedigree, Cp Classic, Fideles, Hills, Arden Grange, Farmina, Royal Canin etc for giving the highest nourishment to your pet Beagles.

For supporting excellent growth and development in puppy Beagles, we have diets like Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk, Fidele Puppy Lamb and Rice, CP Classic Puppy Food Milk which also builds proper muscle mass in them.

As for providing strength and stamina to adult Beagles, we have Farmina N&D Grain Free Pumpkin Lamb and Blueberry, Royal Canin Medium Adult, Royal Canin Beagle Adult which are also rich in super antioxidants.

We also have the diet for senior Beagles viz. Hills Science Adult 7+ Active Longevity, Fidele Light and Senior Adult Dog Food and Orijen Senior which contain essential fatty acids, maintaining strong bones and teeth in mature Beagles.

Popular Beagle FAQ’S

How Much Should I Feed My Beagle Daily?

Puppy Beagles consume more food than adults as the pups need a lot of nutrients for growth. Beagle pups below six months of age should ½ cup of a meal (233 cal) thrice a day. After they attain one year, you can start feeding them 11/2 cup of food (576 cal) twice a day. Senior Beagles consume fewer calories as they won’t move much. They can be fed around 300-400 calories twice a day or as per the vet’s requirement.

What All Fruits Can I Feed My Beagle?

One of the best fruits you can feed your Beagles is Blueberries. These fruits are packed with antioxidants for giving the dogs anti-ageing effects and a robust immune system. Blueberries as treats help a great deal in training your stubborn Beagles too. Another fruit they cherish is Banana, which consists of potassium for ensuring proper functioning of their enzymes.

How to Keep My Beagles From Running Away?

Well, you can’t really. Beagles have a powerful sense of smell that makes them one of the easily distracted dog breeds. This habit is in their genes and you can’t help it. You may have to train your Beagle a lot to soothe this intrinsic behaviour. Hence, you can’t keep them off-leash for longer periods.

Is it true that Beagles smell bad?

Every dog will smell bad if they get dirty. Yet Beagles have their own distinct smell which comes from their hair follicles. If you can feed them nutritious food, brush and bathe them once in a week, there will not be any bad body odour.

Why Do Beagles Dig?

A Beagles’s powerful sense of smell is behind their digging instinct. They like to investigate everything around the house and also find places to hide their foods and treats. For reducing their digging tendency, one needs to give these breeds good physical activity. Also, consider buying some exciting dog toys to keep them thoroughly busy.

How Are Beagles With Kids?

Beagles are one of the best family dogs who do great with children. They have a sweet and playful nature that will be loved by the kids. Just be a little watchful of their over-enthusiastic behaviour and you will be fine.

Do Beagles Need a Bigger Yard?

Even though beagles are small in size, they are a highly active breed. They need plenty of exercises to stay in excellent physical health. If you can give them one long walk daily with some little play, there won’t be any need for a bigger yard.

Will Neutering My Beagles Calm Them Down?

Neutering only affects the behaviour that is associated with male hormones, like aggression and territorial behaviour. It, however, does not guarantee that it will make your Beagle a peaceful dog. If they are naturally excitable, they will retain that trait even after neutering. Having said that, spaying both male and female beagles provides them with a lot of health benefits.

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