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Best Quality Dog Food for Labrador Retriever Dogs

One of the most loved breeds across the globe, Labrador Retrievers are known for their deep desire for food. Having an ample amount of protein in their diet is necessary for making them feel full. At PetsWorld we stock the most fitting diet for your Labradors to help them stay healthy and strong.

Puppy Labradors love to eat, so feeding them a balanced diet supports a healthy weight in them. Having essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the food keeps a healthy skin and a radiant coat. Royal Canin Junior Labrador, Orijen Puppy Large Breed, Hills Science Diet Puppy Large and Arden Grange Puppy Junior Large Breed meet the complete nutritional requirements of a Labrador Puppy.

Adult Labradors exhibit a high energy level, therefore feeding them a diet having a healthy amount of carbs gives them a sufficient amount of energy. In order to keep their bones and joints in strong condition, minerals like calcium and phosphorus are necessary for their diet.

Senior Labradors who will have a decline in physical activity may show weight gain. For this, a diet that has a low-calorie level suits them the best. Pedigree Senior Adult Dog Food, Orijen Senior Dog Food and Fidele Light and Senior are some of the best diets to keep Senior Labradors healthy and fit.

Popular Labrador Retriever FAQ’S

How Much Shall I Feed My Labrador Dogs Daily?

For newborn Labradors, only mother’s milk should be given until two months. If not available, you can consider buying a good baby dog milk for them. Newborn pups can be fed this milk every 2-3 hours. Puppy Labradors above two months would need 50-50 grams of food four times a day. Grown-up labradors can be given 400 grams in a whole day divided into two meals. As senior labs would be mostly inactive, they can be given 300-350 grams of food per day divided into two meals.

Can My Labrador Eat Eggs?

Yes, they can. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and other essential fatty acids that builds strength and muscle mass in the Labradors. You can give them eggs in either boiled or cooked form and they will eat it with great zeal.

What Colours Do Labrador Retrievers Come In?

There are three recognized colours of Labradors; black, chocolate and yellow. However, you can still find labradors having white, silver and red coats due to the genetic variations. The rare silver colour of labs is trending nowadays as the dogs look quite magnificent in it.

Are Labradors Good With Children?

Labradors are probably one of the best dogs who do great with children. Their patience and playfulness are the main reasons for it. However, one should be vigilant of their over-enthusiastic behaviour. They often jump on people when they are excited, and this can get risky with little kids. Train your labradors at a very young age for managing this behaviour.

Can a Labrador Guard My Home?

Majority of labradors are too friendly and extroverted to be good guard dogs. However, they can be great ‘watchdogs’ as most of them would alert their owners at the slightest hint of suspicion. One should note that unlike a guard dog, a watchdog only makes their owners aware of the threat and not physically deal with the situation as a guard dog does.

Do Males or Females Make Better Pets?

From a temperament perspective, you shall only find a little difference between them. Females are more independent and quick learners than their male counterparts. Males are enthusiastic and would be animated most of the times. Both of them make great pets, nevertheless.

What Age Can I Bring a Lab Puppy To My Home?

The ideal age to bring a lab puppy home is when they are around 2 months. 7 weeks is the minimum age, and no reputable breeder would allow you to take the pup home before that. Puppies learn valuable lessons from their mother and littler mates, like bite inhibition and what is right and wrong. Without these traits, they would have behavioural problem later-on in their lives.

How Long Do Labradors Live?

Lifespan is something that differs from dogs to dogs, yet one can expect a healthy labrador to live around 10-13 years. Keeping the activity up and the weights off are the key things that promote longevity in labs. Feed them with some high-quality dog foods to keep them healthy and happy.

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