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  1. CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 10 Kg
    CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 10 Kg
  2. CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 2 Kg
    CP Classic Puppy Food Milk Flavor 2 Kg

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Branded Dog Foods For Small Breed Puppy

Small and Toy Breed Puppies mature faster, weighing just under 10 Kgs. They need a calorie dense diet as they metabolize food at a faster rate than large breed dogs. The size and shape of their kibble matter a lot as they have tiny mouths and a large kibble would cause a lot of difficulties while consuming. At PetsWorld, we offer you the ideal diet for small breed pups, having the perfect kibble designed to give them the nourishment of the highest order.

The diet of a small breed puppy should have a protein content of 23-28% and also a fat content of at least 15%. This requirement is essential to build lean muscle mass and good strength

Royal Canin Mini Puppy Junior is one of the best small breed puppy food having an exclusive kibble size designed to adapt to their small sized jaws. It is a delicious diet having a healthy blend of anti-oxidants and vitamins, strengthens the internal defence of the dogs.

Acana Puppy Small Breed is a diet that contains 70% meat content, offers a rich protein content and essential vitamins and minerals to support overall growth and development in them.

Orijen Puppy Food is a biologically appropriate food containing Fresh Free Run Chicken and Turkey, Nest Laid Eggs and Wild Caught Fish which provides a concentrated source of protein and fats for supporting rapid growth and development in Small Breed Puppies.

Some of the other diets available at PetsWorld, which serve the best for small and toy breed puppies, are Arden Grange Puppy Junior,  CP Classic Puppy Food Milk, Fidele Puppy Small and Medium, Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk etc.

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