Choostix Flat Dog Belt and Collar Set Small

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TYPE: Belt and Collar Set (Colour may vary)

SUITABLE FOR: Small Breed Dogs

DESCRIPTION: Dog Belt and Collar are the most efficient way to be in command of your dog. Choostix Flat Dog Belt and Collar Set Small helps in controlling your dog and is an ideal tool for training purposes. It provides a tightening action so that they pay you attention. They are made from high-quality nylon which is lightweight and easy to take on and off. The collars are comfortable around the dog’s neck so that they can rotate their neck freely. It helps you to be in charge of your canine to makes sure that it doesn’t go and bite strangers. The hook of the dog belt is made from high-quality steel which guarantees a strong grip. You can also add name tag on the collar for better identification of dogs. Some dogs unnecessarily jump and run while seeing things. Choostix Flat Dog Belt and Collar Set Small ensures that your canine doesn’t go into the areas where they are not allowed.


  • Top quality nylon offers high tensile strength.
  • Keeps your canine under your control.
  • Offers a good identification mark.
  • Comfortable collar around the neck.
  • Easy to fit and adjust.
  • Suitable for small breed dogs.
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