Choostix Nylon Rope Dog Leashes

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TYPE: Dog Leash (Colour may vary)

SUITABLE FOR: All dog breeds (For both walking and training purpose)

DESCRIPTION: Choostix Nylon Rope Dog Leashes is a highly effective leash for controlling your dog during walking and also to properly direct them while training. The leash is designed from tough nylon which makes it highly durable. They are also light and provide good wear resistance.The leash is ideal to be used during wet climates. Dogs often get excited when you take them for walks outside. The leash is strong enough for keeping your dogs under your command and thus prevents the unneeded pulling. It can be used for all dog breeds and is also an excellent training tool for teaching them tricks. Choostix Nylon Rope Dog Leash is soft and gentle on hands and does not cause any harm if pulled strongly by the canine. It is an ideal tool for strengthening the bond between you and your beloved dog.


  • Works for all dog breeds.
  • Ideal for training purposes too.
  • Made from strong and uniform Nylon.
  • Prevents your dog from attacking strangers.
  • Offers a safe walk outside.
  • Abrasion resistant for making it smooth on your hands.
  • The lightweight rope makes the leash very handy.
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