Choostix Real Milk Biskies 500 gms

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Choostix Multigrain Milk Biskies are the tiny treats of biscuits which hide within themselves a treasure of health and wellness. There are multiple grains like wheat, oat, corn and rice which are supplemented with calcium and Vitamin D to heighten the nourishment which will reach your dog. These Biskies hold loads of nutrition which are especially made for the growth and upkeep of puppies and dogs belonging to small breeds. They assist in strengthening the muscles, bones and teeth; help build stamina; facilitate growth of blood cells, among other benefits.
Ingredients: Milk Solids, Wheat Flour, Oats, Corn, Rice, Calcium, Phosphorus, Extruded Soya, Vitamin D3, Herbal Liver Tonic, Permitted EC Preservatives, Permitted EC Colorants, Permitted EC Flavors, Sodium Chloride.
Nutritional Analysis: 

Crude Protein








Crude Fat


Dietary Fiber




Herbal Liver Tonic


What are benefits of Choostix Multigrain Biskiesbr />Giving tiny bits of health in the form of palatable milk flavored biscuits; the Choostix Multigrain Milk Biskies are the best treats which a dog owner can offer to its lovely pet. The Biskies are made of multigrain and calcium which help in the essential development and maintenance of the body of the dog. Vitamin D is added to help the body absorb calcium which may get lost otherwise. The Choostix Multigrain Milk Biskies act as a complementary food to support the complete pet food and also plays the role of a good motivator at the time of training or a reward for good behavior.

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