Choostix Real Vegetables Biskies 1 Kg

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TYPE: Dog Treat


BREED: Dogs of all breeds and ages.

DESCRIPTION: Choostix Real Vegetables Biskies 1 Kg is a 100% vegetarian dog treat having real vegetables and soy protein for increasing muscle mass and strength in canines. It is an apt treat for dog owners who are vegan. The treat contains natural vitamins like for speeding up metabolism and also to build a robust immune system. Calcium and Phosphorus are vital elements for supporting blood coagulation and to enhance muscle growth. Choostix Real Vegetables Biskies boost heart health and lowers the cholesterol levels in canines. They also stimulate liver health. The treat has a distinct shape for keeping good dental hygiene and tackles problems like excessive plaque buildup between the teeth. It also removes bad breath. The treat works best for dogs who are teething. 


  • Suitable for vegan dog owners. 
  • A substantial amount of protein for repairing body tissues. 
  • Eliminates plaque and bad breath in dogs. 
  • Boosts cardiac function and maintains good eyesight. 
  • Regulates bowel movement. 
  • Keep bones and joints healthy. 
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, Oats, Corn Rice, Calcium, Herbal liver tonic, Permitted EC preservatives, Permitted EC, colourants and flavours, Sodium chloride


Crude Protein (Min) 12%, Crude Fat (Min) 9%, Carbohydrates 70%, Dietary Fibres 5.5%, Calcium 100 Mg / 100 g, Moisture (Max) 10%, Herbal Liver Tonic 500 Mg/100g

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