Choostix Dog Treats & Chews

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Choostix Biskies And Dog Treats

Shop an extensive array of Choostix® biskies and dog treats online at discounts on Petsworld.

Petsworld never rests to put together trusted brands for its choosy canine clientele and Choostix® is yet another yummy addition to the list. Choostix® an indigenous manufacturer of premium dog treats and snacks existing in the market for over 15 years, focuses on range of top quality edibles for dogs sans adulteration using locally resourced ingredients. The registered trademark products are prepared after much Research and Development to meet international standards of safety and wellness for pets. The brand has expanded globally with growing exports to the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. 

Why adding Choostix® to your dog’s diet could make a huge difference in its health?

The patented and hugely popular Choostix biscuits or Biskies are composed of calcium, protein, multi-vitamins and herbs. Made with real chicken, beef, milk solids and also available in 100% vegetarian option;

These treats promote heart health.

  • Reduce cholesterol.
  • Build stamina.
  • Boost growth of blood cells.
  • Strengthen teeth & bones.

When palatable dog treats come with a string of benefits, its hard to say no to them! Treats serve as a reward during dog-training, satiate the pet’s urge to gnaw, promote healthy teeth & gums by reducing plague/tartar upon chewing.

Buy Choostix Health Dog Treats at Petsworld, targeting specific concerns like the one for improving canine skin & coat (contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E). The joint plus composition is a special preparation to support joint flexibility, cartilage maintenance, and bone health. Choostix dental chews promote long lasting fresh breath and good dental health in dogs.

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