Cotton Rope Bird Ladder

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Cotton Rope Bird Ladder is a toy which you can present to your pet birds, inside their cages, to ensure some sort of entertainment and exercise for them. It is suitable for all kinds of birds and can play an important role in their growing phase. The ladder is made of colorful threads and has steps in between. The set of loose threads at the base also offer recreational opportunities. Colorful fabric provides stimulation to the mind and makes the environment of the cage visually appealing.
What are the benefits?
Your little flying wonders also need toys to play and enjoy their time. The cotton rope ladder is a delightful companion giving both pleasure and exercise to the birds, like any thoughtful toy. Young birds would find it more interesting; it would offer an area to exercise their curiosities, simultaneously assist their healthy development.


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Veterinarian Prescription Yes
Brand Knot a Rope
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