Drools Puppy Small Breed 12 Kg

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Drools Puppy Small Breed is a meal preparation which provides the nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of a growing puppy. The complete and balanced meal has been formulated to suit the higher metabolism and small stomachs of your small breed pup. DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) has been included in good quantity for optimum brain development and therefore would result in a smarter puppy. The kibble has been designed in a small size so that it can be properly chewed and digested by the small breed puppy. Vegetable fiber helps the digestive system in enhancing the digestive capability of the food. Antioxidants in the meal improve the ability of the body to fight various bacteria and viruses.

What are the benefits?
Your small breed puppy is going through a very crucial period of its life. To support this stage, the puppy needs complete and balanced nutrients so that no lack or excesses of any nutrient draws any problem (short or long term) to the puppy. There are antioxidants in the food to support the immunity, vegetable fiber to assist the digestive system and DHA to aid in the brain development, besides other important nutrients. To enhance the digestibility and comfort of your small breed dog, the food kibble has been created in small size matching the small jaw size.

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