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ID Tags and Accessories for Dogs

In spite of your best efforts, a careless moment can let your dog go loose and run. An ID Tag for your pet dog is paramount as it can help you get him back if he goes missing. It allows you to fill the necessary details for instant identification. We at PetsWorld offer you Dog ID’s in various colours and unique designs for faster recognition of your pet dogs.

You can select the ID Tags in your favourite colour for matching your pet’s skin or their clothes. Letters and even graphics can be embossed on the ID’s we offer which sets apart your dog from everybody else’. Most Dog ID’s you will find at PetsWorld contains enough space for writing Name, Address and the Phone Number. These all conveniences make the traditional ID Tags at par with the modern microchips.

We at PetsWorld consider your pet’s safety and security as our supreme priority and by offering you these ID Tags, we ensure that the highest protection is provided to your dogs.

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