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  1. Pedigree 100% Vegetarian Adult Dog Food 3 Kg
    Pedigree 100% Vegetarian Adult Dog Food 3 Kg
  2. Pedigree Puppy Milk & Vegetables Dog Food 1.2 Kg
    Pedigree Puppy Milk & Vegetables Dog Food 1.2 Kg

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Best Vegetarian Dog Foods

If you can Feed your beloved dogs a healthy vegan diet, it can be a super health booster. A vegan dog food works wonders, especially when the dog is suffering from allergies as it supports faster healing. The allergies can be primarily caused by over-consumption of meat by-products.

Another benefit of vegetarian dog food is that it promotes good digestive health. A vegan formula treats a wide range of digestive issues like constipation, gas trouble, and acidity. Moreover, a diet having vegetables offers your dog lean and easily digestible ingredients that support body weight. Plant-based foods are naturally anti-inflammatory, which helps in subduing pain produced in bones and joints.

We at PetsWorld provide you with the best vegan dog foods like Pedigree Adult Vegetarian and Drools Daily Nutrition Adult 100% Vegetarian, loaded with high-quality nutrients. Essential constituents like calcium, phosphorus, and fibres maintain strong bones and joints and also encourage a healthy digestive tract.

You will also find veg puppy foods here from top brands that support the healthy growth of puppies of all breeds. It comprises the essential vitamins and minerals in the adequate proportion for reviving their skin and coat health as well.

Moreover, natural antioxidants in the veg foods strengthen dogs immunity and provide them with anti-ageing effects as well. The kibble size of the meal also helps in promoting a healthy chewing of the food.

Apart from the dog veg foods, PetsWorld also stock vegan dog treats that act as rewards during command training. The delicious flavours of these treats suit even the choosiest of eaters and serve well for all breeds.

Select the best vegetarian diets as well as treats at PetsWorld, for making your lovely dogs healthy and happy. You can avail great discounts for foods at PetsWorld and also get it delivered directly at your doorsteps.

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