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How to Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas Easily Now?

The battle with ticks and fleas is not a one-off thing; it is an ongoing struggle. Soft and warm coat of dogs presents an ideal setting for ticks and fleas to flourish and multiply. Living on your pet’s blood, these parasites can cause skin infections, anaemia, muscle weakness, carry tapeworms and spread diseases such as lyme, babesiosis and hepatozoonosis. These bloodsuckers can also prove fatal to your dog.

Ticks and fleas are harmful even to humans; they can suck their blood and even transmit diseases from humans to pets and vice-versa. In the fight with these miniature monsters we are here to support every step of yours.

At PetsWorld, we have lined up world-renowned brands to support the fight against parasitic infestations. The products here will give you the fleas and ticks treatment that is necessary in your dogs. From tick and flea shampoo for dogs, you will also find spot-ons, sprays to anti tick and flea dog collars that prevents tick and flea infestation in dogs. For effective and safe use, we suggest you follow the manufacturers’ guidelines properly.

Pet Care Notix Anti Tick and Flea Powder is one of the best anti tick powders for dogs having Carbaryl as the main constituent. Carbaryl is non-toxic and is highly effective against the parasites. They also help in wiping out other ectoparasites fleas and lice from your dog’s skin. With this powder, you can also remove ticks from puppies as this powder does not contain any hard chemical that can cause harm to their delicate skin.

If you are after a spot-on for dogs which is known for quickly eliminating the ectoparasites, look no further beyond All4Pets Fiprotic Plus Spot-on. This is a Spot-on that offers tick and flea protection upto 3 months. It has a fast action and relief and is suitable for all small and medium breed dogs.

If you have a large breed like Great Dane, Bull Mastiffs, Doberman etc, then you can go for a Spot-On like Bayer K9 Advantix. They are ideal to use on dog breeds who have an adult weight above 25 Kg. It kills adult fleas within 12 hours and kills the reinfesting ones within 2 hours. One time application of this Spot-on keeps away and sand flies and mosquitoes from your dogs upto 3 weeks.

We at PetsWorld also have some excellent oral medications for tick and flea removal. Petcare Ridd 60 ml is one such oral suspension, which is not only suitable for dogs but also cats, buffaloes, horse, sheep etc. The solution is safe for the animals and quickly restores the natural health of their skin.

Pets World, your trustworthy online pet shop for every pet need, offers you tick and flea products at low prices. Your ordered items will be delivered to you at your doorsteps within the shortest possible time. If you want to know tick and flea control in dogs in detail, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.

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