Drools Adult Small Breed 12 Kg

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Drools Adult Small Breed offers a complete and balanced formula specifically catering to the health needs of a small breed adult dog. About 12% of additional fat makes the food high on energy, which is appropriate for small breed’s small-size stomachs and higher metabolisms. The small breeds, on an average, live longer than bigger dog breeds. Thus, the pet food has carefully selected antioxidants to keep the dog’s internal defenses strong, so that it can support the dog in carrying out a healthy and extended lifestyle. Digestive mechanism of the dog gets a boost through the natural prebiotics which the food consists. Giving the digestive system further benefits are the vegetable fibers, which helps the digestive system to easily break down the food; consequently there will be better absorption of nutrients and relatively lesser quantity of stool.

 What are the benefits?
Your small breed dog has a biological make-up which is quite distinct from dogs of other breeds. Different physiologies lead to differing nutritional needs which are needed for the smooth functioning of the system. There are antioxidants to promote a robust immunity system, which assists the dog to live a longer and healthy life; prebiotics and vegetable fibers to strengthen and improve the digestive system; balanced proportions of fatty acids, zinc and biotin to look after the health of the skin and coat. Drools pet food comes in a delicious taste, delighting the taste buds of the dog.


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