Drools Cat Food Adult Mackerel 3 Kg

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TYPE: Adult Cat Food


BREED: All breeds of cats having an age of 1 or above.

DESCRIPTION: Drools Cat Food Adult Mackerel 3 Kg is a complete meal to fulfill the high nutritional requirements in adult cats. It consists of essential vitamins and minerals to support good urinary health. Taurine keeps heart healthy and improves eyesight. A proper quantity of prebiotics and probiotics keeps the gut healthy and promotes good digestion to facilitate higher nutrient absorption. The good health of the feline is also reflected in its healthy and shiny fur. Drools cat food is nutritionally balanced and undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that the best quality of food reaches your pet's bowl.


  • High-quality Mackerel fish for enhancing palatability.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals to regulate urinary pH.
  • Prevents the formation of hairballs in cats.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids encourage healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Taurine keeps the heart healthy.
  • Natural probiotics for boosting the digestive mechanism.

Real Mackerel, Eggs, Corn Gluten meal, Whole Grain Cereals, Soya Refined Oil, Wheat Flour, Taurine, Vitamins (Vit A, Vit E, Vit B1, Vit B6, Vit B2, Vit B12, Choline, Niacin, Folic Acid) Organic Minerals (zinc, Iron, Copper, Selenium, Manganese),Prebiotics & Probiotics.
Crude protein (32%), Fat content (12%) Crude fiber (2.5%), Moisture (10%)

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