Drools Dr. Dent Oral Care Dog Dental Treats Large/Medium Breed 35 gms Buy 3 Get 1

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Drools Dr. Dent Oral Care Dental Treats For Dog Large/Medium Breed
Product Features
- Calcium promotes stronger teeth
- Sodium tripolyphosphate wipes away plaque & eliminate tater build-up
- Zinc & chlorophyll freshen breath & reduce microbial load in the oral cavity
- Soft chewy texture offer a thorough clean-up

Product Description
Dr. Dent with its unique Y-shape profile, and the SOFT chewy (much longer chew time) texture of Dr. Dent is designed not only to have a shear force work on the dog's teeth, which helps to remove plaque, but also to keep the dog chewing for a sinificant length of time.

An added benefit of this sustained much longer chewing is that it stimulates saliva flow; this flow helps to wash away any debris removed from the teeth. Included with in are two active ingredients (sodium tripolyphosphate and zinc) which have the effect of chelating salivary calcium as stop the buil-up of calculas by inhibiting future crystal growth by binding to the surfaces of solid calcium phosphates and carbonates. This keeps the plaque softer for longer and so much more of it can be removed by the action of much longer chewing because of SOFT CHEWY (much more chewing nedeed) texture of the Dr. Dent

Ingredients: Rice, Wheat flour, Real chicken, Guar gum, Tapioca, Soya oil, Calcium, glycerine, gelling agent, Zinc citrate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Essential oils, Enzymes, Chlorophyll extract, Potassium sorbate, Taurine, Natural antioxidants & Flavours

Nutritional Analysis

Protien 10%
Fat 1%
Fibre 5%
Moisture 20%
More Information
Veterinarian Prescription No
Brand Drools
Breed N/A
Breed type Giant, Maxi, Medium
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