Drools Focus Starter Dog Food 15 Kg

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TYPE: Puppy Food



  • Puppies of all breed of dogs from 3 weeks to 3 months.
  • Pregnant and Lactating females.

DESCRIPTION: Drools focus starter 15kg is a rightly balanced food for the complete well-being of a young puppy (3 weeks to 3 months). Aiding the critical phase of life of a puppy, the energy-rich food is also fitting for the heightened requirement of nutrition of a pregnant and lactating canine mother. Drools focus starter ingredients include Real chicken, making way for optimum muscle development and for assisting in the functioning of other bodily processes. Ingredients like whole grains (rice and oats), beet pulp and brewer's dried yeast promote healthy digestion and hence optimum nutrient assimilation. Growth encouraging puppy food also contains DHA, derived from fish oil, for the proper development of brain and nervous system. Corn free, soy free and wheat free diet for puppy contains antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and essential fatty acids which give a boost to immunity. Drools starter is devoid of chicken/meat by-product, artificial colours and flavours, Drools Focus starter is the best food for puppies.


  • Easier to digest food for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • DHA helps in good cognitive function.
  • Rich protein content helps to reach optimal growth.
  • Superior antioxidant formula counters free radicals in the body thereby boosting the overall immunity.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Material:- Real Chicken, Whole Dried Eggs, Long Grain Rice, Oat meal, Flax Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, Vegetable Protein Isolate, Brewer' Dried Yeast lecithin, salt, Beet Pulp. Vitamins:- Vit A: (26000 IU), Vit D3: (8000 IU), Vit E: (6000 Mg), Vit C: (150 Mg), B1: (8 Mg), B2: (33 Mg), B6: (26 Mg), Choline: (2500 mg), folic acid- (9 Mg),Beta-carotene-(50 mg), Biotin -(0.33 mg), CDP-(50 mg),niacin -(100 mg) and Others: Natural Antioxidants (Rosemary Extract),L Cranitine, Omega 3 and Fatty Acid Probiotics and Prebiotics,Essential Amino Acid , Organic mineral.

Protein (32%), Fat content (22%) Crude fiber (2.50%), Moisture (10%)

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