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Drools Puppy Starter strives to provide for the increased nutritional needs of puppies during the weaning period. It also supplies the mother dog with proper nutrition to support the most significant period of pregnancy, extending from the 6th week till the birth of the puppies. The starter food can also be consumed by lactating bitches to fulfil the increased need for nutrition and for the maintenance of their own health. Specially designed diet, which is conducive for both puppies (at weaning stage) and gestating and lactating mother dogs, also takes care of the health of their digestive systems, skin and coat. The natural defence system also gets a boost, making the bodies of the puppy and mother dogs strong against various diseases. 


Chicken, Whole Dried Eggs, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish Oil, Soya Refined Oil, Corn Oil, Lecithin, Beet Pulp, Essential Amino Acids, Organic Minerals, Vitamins, Salt, Natural Antioxidants, Prebiotics (FOS & MOS) and Probiotics. 

Feeding Options- We can include feeding guide like –  

  Estimated Adult Weight
(in kgs)

   21 - 30 days old puppies
(in gms/ day)

  2 months to 3 months old puppies
(in gms/day)
   3 months - 4 months old puppies
(in gms/day)
Mini & Small Dog Breeds (Less than 10 Kgs) 30 - 40 grams 40 - 110 grams  60- 150 grams
Medium Dog Breeds (11-25 kgs) 40 - 100 grams 100 - 250 grams 150 - 400 grams 
Maxi Dog Breeds (26- 45 Kgs) 100 - 200 grams 200 -400 grams   300 - 500 grams
Giant Dog Breeds (45 kgs and above) 120  - 250 grams 250 - 450 grams  400 - 600 grams 

 Feeding Guidance for Bitches during Gestation and Lacatation

  Estimated Adult Weight
(in kgs)

(in gms/ day)

(in gms/day)
Mini & Small Dog Breeds (Less than 10 Kgs) 100 - 250 grams Ad Libitum
Medium Dog Breeds (11-25 kgs) 150 - 500 grams Ad Libitum
Maxi Dog Breeds (26- 45 Kgs) 300 - 700 grams Ad Libitum 
Giant Dog Breeds (45 kgs and above) 400 - 1000 grams Ad Libitum 
Ingredient List:

Chicken Whole Dried Eggs Rice  Wheat
Corn Corn Gluten Meal Fish oil Soya Refined Oil
Lecithin, Corn Oil Essential Amino Acis Beet Pulp Essential Amino Acids
Organic Minerals, Vitamins, Salt Natural Anti oxidants Probiotics Prebiotics ( FOS & MOS)

What are the benefits?

A little puppy (2 to 12 weeks) and a gestating and lactating bitch, both are at a very critical and sensitive stage of their lives. The starter food from Drools is a very special formulation and aims to fulfil their vital needs. The weaning pup is provided with a perfect substitute to its mother’s milk by Drools, which supports its growth, strengthens its immunity and digestive system, and also cares to preserve the natural health and beauty of it skin and coat. A mother dog (gestating and lactating) needs the best nutrition for its health and also the health of its babies. The reduced abdomen area of the pregnant bitch calls for a small but frequent, energy rich meals; this need is duly gratified by Drools starter.

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