DROOLS PurePet Biscuit 500gm Milk Flavour Small

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TYPE: Dog biscuit

QUANTITY: 500 grams

BREED: Dogs of all breeds above 2 months of age.

DESCRIPTION: DROOLS PurePet Biscuit 500gm Milk Flavour Small is a super premium quality dog biscuit offering all the essential nutrients for keeping your canine in healthy and a strong condition. Having an essence of milk and chicken adds to the taste of the biscuits in order to entice the pickiest of eaters. Protein of the highest quality is present in sufficient amount for increasing strength and stamina. DROOLS PurePet Biscuit Milk Flavour has a crusty and a crunchy kibble for facilitating a healthy chewing and to maintain stronger teeth in canines. Dietary fibres present in the biscuits encourages a healthy digestion and a higher nutrient absorption. Super anti-oxidants are present in the diet fighting infections and to give anti-ageing properties.


  • Easy to digest dog biscuit.
  • Rich protein content for sustaining optimal body functioning.
  • Crusty texture for eliminating Tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Offers a balanced nutrition to canines.
  • Milk and Chicken essence make the biscuits delicious to savour.
  • Boosts overall immunity.

Real Chicken, Rice flour, wheat flour, permitted emulsifiers, antioxidants, mineral and vitamins

Protein 12%, Fat 2%, Fiber 5%, Moisture 10%.

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