Durapet is a brand of OurPet, which is well known internationally for its variety of innovative, quality and premium products for your beloved pets. Durapet introduces a variety of premium bowl concepts for pet owners to select from according to the need of their pet. The huge range of colors and shapes in pet feeding bowls offer a blend of versatility and utility value.

There are colorful themes introduced in these products and they have both fashion and utility envisaged in them. There is a facelift introduced in the bowls by Durapet to provide your pet with the perfect comfort while eating the meal.

We, at Pets World bring to you a whole range of Durapet products to make the meal of your lovable pets more satisfying. Our range consists of various products from this brand such as adjustable stand with two dog bowls, non-tip bowls, tip bowls, dish bowls, clamp pet bowls and many more for both cats and dogs. These products are available in various sizes and capacities so that you can choose the one that fits the need of your dear pet.

The bowls have a rubber bottom which makes sure that the bowl doesn’t spin around while your pet eats off it and slows down the time your pet takes to eat. This makes your precious little friend healthier and helps him enjoy his meal better. It is very easy to spread the food in these bowls and cleaning them is an easy job for the pet owners. Plus, they last longer and their quality is better than most of the pet bowls in the market.

Check out the amazing range of feeding bowls and other pet accessories listed on our online retail store and buy one for your cherished pet friend today itself.

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