Flexi is a leading leash manufacturing company from Germany producing super-quality retractable leashes for letting your dog walk in a controlled way in order to give your fido enough freedom of movement for exploring his immediate environment. Flexi promises to forge a greater bond between you and your beloved pet. We at PetsWorld offer you a wide array of Flexi leashes based on different requirements and needs.

There are several advantages to using a Flexi retractable leash. Firstly, as mentioned above it gives your dog enough space to explore, smell and mark new locations. Secondly, you don't need to use force to stop your dog, Flexi leashes can be operated gently for this purpose. Third, it is a great tool to let your dog go out while you being inside the house. This is very useful in the rainy season.

Flexi retractable leashes never loosen and are always subject to slight forces. They have an integrated braking system for enabling you to guide and teach a few commands to your dogs. When you push the brake button with your thumb and you push a little on the leash, you are giving orders to the dog to come back to you.

Flexi Standard Medium Cord, Standard Large, Standard Small are Giant Retraceable are some of the Flexi products you can find on PetsWorld website. They are available in different colours for making it easier for you to choose your favourite one.

PetsWorld provides Flexi leashes for all kinds of breeds and in various dimensions.

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