Forbis Aroma Deodorant For Dogs and Cats 500 ml

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Forbis Aroma Deodorant, comes in the form of a spray to bring relief from bacteria, fungi and mites, and brings in fresh aroma. It doesn’t only kill the present infestation of bacteria, but also prevents the growth of the same. The anti-bacterial ingredient is included in the form of micro capsule which makes the deodorant last for a long time. The deodorant helps to improve the immunity of the pet against various microorganisms. To be sprayed over the body of the pet, the deodorant is safe both for the pet as well as you. Ingredients used in the production are approved by many countries including the US, Japan, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.

What are the benefitsbr />The solution, in the form of spray, starts to work instantly and eliminates the various bacteria, fungi and mites present on the skin and coat, letting the pet be greeted with a refreshing fragrance, which would please your senses as well, and also last for a long time.

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