Gnawlers Dog Treats Pettide Bone 6 pcs

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Product Description
Gnawlers Pettide Bone provides a healthy snack to your puppy (3 months and above) , and also reminds it of mother's milk, thereby assisting the dog in tackling the stress of weaning. The structure of lactose, fat and protein included in the bone is the same as found in the breast milk of a mother dog. Prebiotic and probiotic components of the snack help in easy digestion and also strengthen the digestive system. Balanced proportions of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids promote the health of skin and coat. Enriched with several vitamins and minerals, the pettide bones also provide a safe means to the puppy to take out its irritation of teething.

Dairy lac 80, Organic calcium, Peptide protein, Instant milk fat, Corn starch, Vitamin complex, Amino acid Chelate of Zn, Ca, Co, Se, Mn, Cu, Prebiotic, Omega-3, Omega-6, Natural Oxidant

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein 30%
Fat 8.0%
Lactose 10.0%
Moisture 11.4%
Ash 2.0%

What are the benefitsbr />Offering a nutritious snack to the puppy, the Pettide bones also give the familiar taste of mother's milk. The bones offer to satisfy an untimed hunger and can also be used as a training reward. It doesn't only supplement the growing body with healthy nutrition, but also provides an outlet to release the chewing need created due to teething and also because of the habit of chewing peculiar to all canines.

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