Gnawlers Dog Treats & Chews

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Gnawlers Dog Treats & Chews

Petsworld’s association with Gnawlers™ (owned by Chinese firm Foshan Phoenix Pet Products Co Ltd) ensures an uninterrupted supply of scrumptious dog treats and chews to its patrons processed under the system of ISO22000 and HACCP standard. This preventive food safety system means that right from the manufacture, to storage & distribution, a food product will be scientifically analyzed for all sorts of microbiological, physical and chemical hazards.

Doggie parents can avail great discounts at Petsworld whilst shopping for dog treats under the Gnawlers™ bone series, puppy snacks and highly digestible series of dog chews.

A variety of flavors dominates the Bones’ series from Gnawlers™ which uses zero colorants, beef, bacon and chicken flavored bones are available in different sizes to suit each dog breed type. Selection should also be based on a dog’s chewing strength and age.

Gnawlers™ products use 100% natural ingredients and are highly digestible. The right dosage of crude protein, fat, crude fiber, moistur

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