Hikari is a line of renowned brand of fish and turtle food which are manufactured by Kyorin Food Industries, Ltd. They make products for all kinds of fish like koi fish, goldfish, tropical fish, marine fish, chichlid, etc. They also make products for reptiles like turtles. All of these food products for fish and turtles are available on our site at Pets World. This provides you easy access to the best fish food for your pet.

Kyorin is Japan’s leading brand in manufacturing fish products and their brand Hikari is recognized globally for its exceptional quality. They are famous for ornamental fish breeding and have more than 150 years of experience in it which makes their products the best in the market. All of Hikari fish foods are developed keeping in mind the health and longevity of the fish. Specific types of food is available for specific types of fish and their aquatic diets are the finest and premium diets available for your pet fish according to its type.

Different varieties of Hikari food products to choose from are available at the Pets World website. Pets World makes available to you different varities of fish food made by Kyorin depending on the variety of the fish. Some of these products are: Biogold fish food, turtle food, mini pellets, wafers, food sticks, etc. You can find all these and much more to choose from on our website. Hikari products have a good taste and gives perfect nutrition to your fish according to his size. The habitats and food habits of the fish are studied before making the perfect food suitable for them. These food products are quality tested and approved before making them available in the market, so that your aquatic pet has the best food for its health.

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