Hills Dog Food for Adult Dogs & Puppies

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Hill's Science Dog Food

Hill’s Science Plan® uses smart science to offer superior dog diets with rich ingredients and the right taste. Hills Science is a trademarked dog Food range from the makers of Colgate and has a strong global presence in 86 countries with turnover of USD 1 billion*.

Their unique philosophy is to add vitality on a daily basis and increase immunity against the common health concerns faced by canines. The company focuses on high quality nutrition for dogs formulated by a staff of veterinarians and board-certified specialists in animal nutrition & internal medicine at the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Center in Kansas.

Petsworld offers an extensive Hills dog food range with best online discounts:

Shop Hills Prescription or Veterinary Diet for dogs: Formulated by a team of PhD nutritionists, veterinarians, food scientists and sensory experts, it offers clinical nutrition corresponding to varied health conditions in dogs such as digestive problems, kidney problems, urinary issues, liver issues, environmental sensitivities, and glucose management.

Hills Ideal Balance Formula: Get Healthy Daily food for your dog at Petsworld with a singular focus on natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids to create perfectly balanced recipes for optimum health in canines.

Hills Healthy Advantage: This variant addresses the five most common health concerns at every life stage of your dog and includes clinically proven antioxidants for immune support. These foods guarantee heart health, healthy digestive system, healthy immune system, lean muscle & optimal body weight and healthy joints.

Petsworld India is an authorized online seller of Hills Pet food in India and offers genuine products designed to deal with weight management in dogs, for healthy skin & coat, healthy digestion, dental & oral care, joint & mobility, and even for mental well being of your dog.

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