Himalaya is a well-known brand of pharmaceuticals and is well known because it makes it quality drugs without the use of any harmful chemicals. They use Ayurveda in making all their products and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process which makes their products perfectly safe to use for your loving pet. At Pets World, we stock a wide assortment of Himalaya products for animal use like pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, healthy treats, shampoos, coat cleanser, and oral coat conditioner.

You can also obtain tablets to reduce anxiety, calcium supplement, medicines to improve digestion and immunity, skin care products, tick powder, etc. Pets World provides all these products in its stock so that you can take care of your pet’s health and hygiene in an effective and chemical-free way. The coat cleansers manufactured by Himalaya and provided to you on our website help in providing a natural sheen to the coat of your furry friends. Its tick powder is also very effective in removing lice and ticks in your pet’s fur.

Many pet owners don’t want to expose their beloved pets to chemicals. That is where Himalaya makes its way. They produce natural health solutions for your pets so that you are free of any apprehension while using these products on your beloved pets. They make these herbal remedies for your pets and Pets World offers them to you in its collection of products for your pet. These products can help your pets develop and lead healthier lives. They will also improve the health of your pet and increase their productivity. The products are not only chemical-free but are well researched so that they are effective in combating the problem they are made for. The products, because of their chemical free nature, are non-toxic and safe to use and their effect and aroma will be loved by both the pets and their owners.

  1. HIMALAYA Fresh Coat 150 ML
    HIMALAYA Fresh Coat 150 ML
  2. HIMALAYA Fresh Coat 400 Ml
    HIMALAYA Fresh Coat 400 Ml
  3. HIMALAYA Himpyrin 30 Ml
    HIMALAYA Himpyrin 30 Ml
  4. HIMALAYA Liv 52 Syrup 200 Ml
    HIMALAYA Liv 52 Syrup 200 Ml
  5. HIMALAYA Scavon Spray 100 Ml
    HIMALAYA Scavon Spray 100 Ml

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