Himalaya Anxocare For Dogs and Cats 60 tabs

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Himalaya Anxocare is a natural preparation of herbs which will help your dog get over anxiety and/or behavioural problems. Anxiety can result from fear or emotional stress that in turn can result from noise, travel, unfamiliar people and environment. Anxocare can help the dog relieve its nervousness. A dog going through behavioural problems like restlessness, hyper-excitability and aggression can also be calmed with the help of Himalaya's Anxocare. The herbal drug can also be used during training period to enhance receptivity and learning abilities of the dog.

Key Ingredients:

Winter Cherry (Ashvagandha) is a unique herb with antistress and adaptogenic properties. It increases physiological endurance and protects against the effects of stress.

Indian Pennywort (Brahmi) is an excellent nervine tonic that is used to enhance mental performance. It also promotes retention and enhances receptivity. Indian Pennywort relieves nervous irritation or agitation.


Dogs Small Breeds: 1-2 tablets twice daily

            Large Breeds: 2-3 tablets twice daily

Cats 1 tablet twice daily

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