Ista Algae Remover 250 ml

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Removes and prevents algae growth without harming the life forms (fish, plants,

nitrifying bacteria), which are flourishing in your aquarium.

Product Features

1) Manages algae growth

2) Safe to use

3) Works effectively with all types of hard water without any side effects

Product Description

Ista Algae Remover works on all types of algae, including hairy algae, brown algae,

blue green algae, beard algae, etc. The algae are removed from the aquarium; the

formulation also works to prevent further growth.

Ista Algae Remover is harmless to the fish, plants and nitrifying bacteria which live in

the aquarium. No matter what the hardness of water might be, it works well without

any side effects.

What are the benefits?

Algae are not an unnatural development, neither are they undesirable. It is a food

source for certain fish and micro-organisms. But if algae grow disproportionately then

it can become a hazard. This is the time when help is needed. Ista brings to you

Algae Remover which would do away with the problem and would also help in

preventing future occurrences.


Before dosage, change 1/3 of the water.

Add the dosage once a day continuously for 15 days (water change is not necessary

during treatment). Use the cap as measurement, one capful as 10cc, 5cc applies to

100L of water (accuracy of the water measurement is required).

Hairy algae will melt away 4-7 days after the dosage. Black brush algae would

automatically come off 15 days after the dosage.

A regular weekly dose could assure a 100% effect of preventing algae growth


Shake well and dilute before using

Store in cool area, avoid direct sunlight

Keep out of reach of children




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