Ista Freshwater White Spot Medication 250 ml

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A medication to treat white spot disease in freshwater aquarium fish.

Product Features

1) Formulation is exclusively created for the purpose

2) Also treats fungal infections

3) Suitable for freshwater fish


Product Description

Ista Freshwater White Spot Medication has been specially formulated to help your

freshwater fish get over the white spot disease. White spot disease is one of the

most common diseases which affect fish. Sudden changes in pH value of water and

water temperature are the major causes of the ailment.

A lack of or lessened appetite usually precedes the appearance of white spots on the

skin. And if proper care is not given to the fish, they would most probably die after 3

to 7 days.

Ista’s carefully made medicated formula would cure the white spot and fungi

infections which your fish are suffering from.


What are the benefits?

White spot disease or Ich is a protozoan disease which is very common in

freshwater fish. Ista has brought a cure to save the life of your fish and restore its

health. Use it as per the instructions given below for the formula to work effectively.



Use the cap as measurement, one capful as 10cc, 15cc applies to 100L water. One

treatment could last for 48 hours. 3 consecutive dosages are recommended as one

treatment cycle. If symptoms persist, 1/3 of water change is required before another




- Shake well and dilute before using. Combined dosage with any other

medication is prohibited

- Store in cool area, avoid direct sunlight

- Keep out of reach of children

- Remove the active carbon from the filtering system before dosage

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