Ista General Vitamins 120 ml

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A superior multi-vitamin tonic for healthy growth of fish and shrimp in your aquarium.

Product Features

1) Enriched with 11 kinds of vitamins

2) Promotes healthy growth

3) Strengthens immune system and eases stress

4) Encourages spawning


Product Description

Ista General Vitamins offers one of the best nutrition supplements you can offer for

the well-being of your fish and shrimp. It has got a perfect formulation which includes

11 types of vitamins. Taking care of the health and growth of the fish and shrimp, the

General Vitamins tonic also promotes the balance of aquarium’s ecosystem.

General vitamins boost the immunity system of the body and also assist the body in

making healthy recovery from sickness. The nutritional supplement also reduces

stress and encourages spawning rates.


What are the benefits?

Ista has created a special formula to supplement the health of your fish and shrimp.

It promotes the health of fish, strengthens the natural defenses and supplies the best

nutrition supplement during the important time of breeding.



Use the cap as measurement, one capful as 10cc. 40cc applies to 100L of water.



- Shake well before using

- Do not over dosage

- Store in cool area, avoid direct sunlight

- Keep out of reach of children

- Valid duration is marked on the bottom of bottle

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