Jerhigh Dog Treats Den-t Stick Bacon Flavor 70 gm

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TYPE: Dog Treat

QUANTITY: 70 grams

BREED: Dogs of all breed and ages.

DESCRIPTION: Jerhigh Dog Treats Den-T Stick Bacon is a premium quality treat available at PetsWorld which is favourable for all breeds of dogs. This treat offers a high protein content for boosting the strength and muscle mass in your dogs. Essential minerals like Calcium, Glucosamine and Chondroitin improve the density of bones and teeth in the dogs, at the same time providing an anti-inflammatory effect too. Also, the unique texture of the treat prevents dental problems like Tartar and Plaque buildup. Jerhigh Dog Treats freshens the breath of your dogs, which ensures that they maintain excellent oral hygiene all the time. 


  • Unique texture of the treat prevents Tartar and Plaque buildup
  • Extensive protein content for building lean muscle mass and endurance 
  • Rich in Calcium, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for having strong bones and teeth
  • Adequate fat content for nourishing skin and coat health of the dogs
  • Freshens the breath of your dogs

INGREDIENTS: Tapioca, starch, wheat gluten, dried chicken meat, sorbitol, gelatin, soybean oil, flavoring agent, dicalcium phosphate, propylene glycol, glycerine, glucosamine sulfate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, zinc, sodium tripolyphosphate, tetrasodium phosphate, prebiotic (Oligosaccharide), cellulose powder, gum arabic, chondroitin sulfate.


Protein(min) 24%, Crude fibre(max) 6%,  Crude fat(min) 12%, Moisture(max) 20%

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