Kiki Parrot and Parakeets bird food 2 Kg

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TYPE: Bird Food


SUITABLE FOR: Parrot and Parakeets

DESCRIPTION: Kiki Parrot and Parakeets Bird Food is a fine quality feed for your Parrot and Parakeets, helping to bolster their overall health. It consists of all the essential vitamins that maintain excellent skin health too. This bird feed is also fortified with high quality protein for improving their overall muscle mass. Kiki Parrot and Parakeets Bird Food is indeed one of the best diets for enhancing the general wellness of your lovely birds, owing to the food’s excellent nutritional profile. 


  • Ideal feed for Parrots and Parakeets
  • Maintains natural color of feathers
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Boosts overall immunity


Dry fruits, pineapple, papaya, banana and raisins, extra capsicum, carob bits, cereals excracts, peanuts, extra large safflower, giant striped sunflower seeds, iregi striped sunflower seeds, albino sunflower seeds, red sorghum, extra with dari, cannabis seeds, extra hard wheat, corn kernels, green soyabeans and squash seeds


Gross protein- 15.5 %, Moisture- 8.6 %, Gross fat- 16.5 %, Gross fibre- 26.1 %, Gross ash- 2.9 %, Calcium- 0.4 %, Phosphorus- 0.39 %, Sodium- 0.182 g/kg. Vitamins and minerals, Vitamin A- 75.000 IU, Vitamin D- 4.800 IU, Vitamin C- 8.5 mg, Vitamin E- 7. 450 mg, Vitamin B1- 9.25 mg, Vitamin B2- 9.900 mg, Vitamin B12- 38.250 mg, Folic acid- 290 mg, Niacinamide- 2.689 mg, Magnesium- 19 g, Sodium- 95 g, Zinc- 41 g, Cobalt- 0.090 g, Nickel- 0.030 g, Iron- 1. 450 g, Copper- 0.350 g, Fluoride- 0.048 g, Boro- 0.250 g, Potassium- 0.140 g, Manganese- 0. 470 g, Calcium- 825.980 mg.

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