KONG Classic Dog Toy Small

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TYPE: Dog Toy


DIMENSION: 7.6 x 4.4 x 4.4 cm

WEIGHT: 49.9 g

SUITABLE FOR: Small Breed Dogs Up to 9 Kg (Average Chewers)

DESCRIPTION: KONG Classic Dog Toy Small is one of the best dog toys to eliminate boredom, separation anxiety and all undesirable habits in your small breed dogs. It is a mentally stimulating toy which keeps the dogs busy for a considerable amount of time. Along with preventing destructive chewing in dogs, the toy helps to clean their teeth and also soothe the gums. It has an unpredictable bounce that makes it fitting for a game of fetch with your lovely dog. KONG Classic Dog Toy is recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide for its high efficacy in treating behavioural issues in dogs. It gives enough mental stimulation that help fulfils a dog’s instinctual needs. You can also stuff delicious treats inside the toy for keeping your dogs involved for a longer duration.


  • Eliminates boredom and separation anxiety in dogs.
  • Erratic bounce of the ball makes it ideal for a game of fetch.
  • Prevents your dogs from destructive chewing.
  • Gives thorough mental stimulation, which treats behavioural issues in dogs.
  • Fulfils dog’s instinctual needs to scavenge and chew.
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