Kong Dog Toys & Training

Kong Dog Toys & Training

Are you bothered by your dog’s destructive chewing habits?

The solution lies in an interesting array of Kong dog toys available at Petsworld.

Shop for world’s most popular dog toy Kong Wobbler and get it straight to your home with our Free shipping Service*. Petsworld offers it in three standard sizes that correspond to a dog’s size and age. The popular color scheme that the company follows is that the pink & blue kong toys are suitable for puppies, red for average chewers, the purple series is for senior dogs and black ones are for the excessive chewers.

There! We just made it simpler for you to pick a toy as per the size of the dog. Treat Dog toys work effectively in picking the interest of canine, be sure to pick up a right size and color for your dog’s KONG.

The Kong company is based out of America and has boasted sales of over 50 million Kongs since its inception. Founded by Joe Markham in the 1970s, the Kong toy used to prevent his own German Shepherd named Fritz from biting on stones and rocks that had caused his teeth to wear down drastically. The first line of the product is a rubber dog chew toy, Kong Wobbler, resembling a snow-man with a hollow center for treats to be filled in. Kong to a high-energy dog will busy it up locating treats and even provides mental stimulation.

With the right selection of toys for your pooch you can deal with many aspects of a dog’s life like training, exercising, mental stimulation, preventing destructive chewing and constructively engaging the pet. Petsworld understands not just basic but also complex needs of a pet, thereby presenting pet-safe, built-to-chew, durable and high quality Kong toys to its canine clientele to indulge in some healthy fun!

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