MANKIND Extick Powder 100 Gm

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TYPE: Pet Powder

QUANTITY: 100 grams

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and Cats 

DESCRIPTION: Using a normal fragrance powder in your pets doesn’t make them immune to the infestation of blood sucking parasites. You need a good germicidal powder for this purpose. Mankind Extick Powder 100 grams is an apt disinfectant powder for both dogs and cats, that terminates the problem of ticks and fleas in them. Propoxur is the main constituent of the powder, having a high capability to repel ectoparasites like ticks, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. It is also an antifungal powder that soothes the constant itching and scratching in pets. The powder also removes the red spots caused due to the heat rashes. Mankind Extick Powder also acts as a deodorant that gives a cooling effect in the pets. It has a pleasing fragrance that leaves them smelling great for a considerable amount of time. 


  • Terminates parasites like ticks and fleas 
  • Eases redness of skin and irritation.
  • Excellent Antifungal powder
  • Gives a cooling effect to the pets
  • Works for all breeds of cats and dogs


Each gram of Mankind Extick Powder contains Propoxur


  • Spread the powder on the affected parts of the pet’s body
  • With the help of a thick comb, brush against the direction of hair while sprinkling. 
  • Apply on legs, feet, and tail.
  • In a case of severe infestation, the application should be twice a week


  • Do not inhale the powder
  • Do not let your pet lick the powdered area
  • Do not use it on wounds
  • Not to be used in puppies and kittens below weeks of age


Store in a dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C. 


As directed by the veterinarian. 

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