MANKIND Extick Spray 100 Ml

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TYPE: Pet Spray 

QUANTITY: 100 ml 

SUITABLE FOR: All breeds of dogs and cats 

DESCRIPTION: Fipronil is an insecticide that is well known for its efficacy against ticks and fleas. Mankind Extick Spray 100 ml has fipronil as its fundamental constituent that gives your pets total protection against ticks and fleas. The spray works for both cats and dogs and is absolutely soft on their skin. Propoxur is another ingredient of the spray which has a strong action against the ectoparasites. One common problem pets face during monsoons is that of dermatitis. They experience that constant itching feeling throughout the day, leaving red spots on their skin. Mankind Extick Spray relieves them of the scratching problem and also soothes the red spots. The spray is entirely non-toxic and is applicable to all breeds of dogs and cats. 


  • Neutralises ticks and fleas. 
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Absolutely non-toxic for the pets
  • Provides relief from skin irritation
  • Works for all breeds of cats and dogs. 


Each ml of Pet Mankind Extick Spray contains Propoxur. 


  • Spray on the affected parts of the pet’s  body
  • By means of a thick comb, brush against the direction of hair while spraying
  • Apply in legs, feet and the tail
  • In case of serious infestation, use the spray 2 or 3 times a week


  • Do not let your dog or cat lick the solution
  • Do not spray on wounds
  • For external use only
  • Do not use on puppies and kittens below 4 weeks of age.


Store in a cool, dark place. 


As directed by the veterinarian.

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