Minjiang Aquarium Heater 150 W

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High quality aquarium heater to guard your pet fish from cold temperatures and sudden variations of temperature


1) Easy to adjust temperature from a wide range of 20 to 34°Celsius

2) With waterproof double insulation the rod submerges into water safely

3) Clearly displays the temperature set by you

4) Initiation of heating indicated by turning on of power lamp

5) Suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums

6) Suction cups and support clips keep it firmly placed on aquarium wall

  • Description about the product:

Minjiang Aquarium brings to you a high quality heater which keeps the temperature of the aquarium from falling after a certain level, thereby, saves the precious fish from the fatal effects of cold temperatures. This is especially true in case of tropical fish that find it difficult to survive below room temperature. Waterproof double insulation enables the heater to dive deeper into the water tank and effectively work to sustain a healthy aquatic life.

You need to set a specific temperature, according to the needs of your fish. The target temperature can be set at any point between 20-34°C, and would always be clearly visible to you. This temperature marked by you acts as a boundary line for the thermostat which keeps a continuous watch on the temperature of the water. At any time when the current temperature reaches the one defined by you, heating begins automatically. Thus, the temperature is effectively stopped from falling any further. 

You would get the report of the operations undergoing inside the water tank through the power lamp which would shine through the rod, signaling the turning on of the heater.

What are the benefits

Your fish can’t manage its normal body temperature on its own. It needs support from the outside, from its environment, its only abode, i.e. water. On the temperature of water depends the life of aquatic beings, in an aquarium this dependence becomes more delicate.

Minjiang’s aquarium heater would have a certain level of control over the temperature that would assure the health and safety of the fish. Your fish continues to enjoy a comfortable swim in the water while the heater manages the climate of its habitat.

Important: The best place to put the heater is at a place which is closer to the water flow which is coming out of the filter so that the water heated by the heater spreads all across the aquarium.

While you choose a heater, the appropriate wattage of the heater would generally depend upon two things – size of aquarium and difference between the room temperature and the desired temperature of the aquarium.



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