Minjiang Aquarium Heater 300 W

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Quick Overview :

Minjiang presents an aquarium water heater which manages the temperature of an aquarium so that the aquatic life inhabiting it flourishes


1) Easy to adjust temperature from a temperature range of 20 to 34°Celsius

2) Completely submersible in water

3) Designed with double insulation for safety under water

4) Clear display of temperature limit set by you

5) Appropriate for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums

6) Held on aquarium wall with reliable set of support clips and suction cups

  • Description about the product:

Minjiang Aquarium heater (300W) is a high-quality product which has been created to effectively secure the lives of fish in an aquarium by controlling the fluctuations in temperature according to the user-defined settings. The heater can be set at any temperature between 20 to 34°C. The target temperature selected by you would work as a signal for the heater to begin heating. This happens with the help of thermostat which continuously observes the temperature of water and on reaching the marked temperature activates the heating. Switching on of the heater would also be indicated by the lamp, which would turn on and off to signify the respective status of the heater. You can easily remind yourself of the temperature set by you, and change when need be, as it is clearly displayed at all times.

What are the benefits

The need for an aquarium heater arises as the fish can’t generate body heat to maintain a normal body temperature. Their permanent place of residence, i.e. water, manages their body heat through its own temperature. And its temperature depends on that of its environment. A sudden change in environment would trigger a sudden change in temperature of water. For example, an unexpected chill in the weather can lead to an abrupt fall in the temperature of water and that could put the health and life of your pet fish in real danger.

Minjiang’s aquarium heater works to manage the temperature at a level which is convenient for the fish (and set by you) to survive and thereby saves them from the cold or unpredictable weather.

Important: The best place to put the heater is at a place which is closer to the water flow which is coming out of the filter so that the water heated by the heater spreads all across the aquarium.

While you choose a heater, the appropriate wattage of the heater would generally depend upon two things – size of aquarium and difference between the room temperature and the desired temperature of the aquarium.



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