Munch & Crunch

Pet lovers understand that apart from providing the pet with the best nutritional food, grooming and supplements, it is also crucial to provide them something they can enjoy as a snack. Pets World realizes this requirement and hence offers you the brand of Munch & Crunch with its exciting and delicious munchies for your dog. These treats will be a delicious delight for your pet and provide great nutrition along with satisfying mid-meal cravings.

Munch & Crunch is a Manchester based manufacturer and supplier of pet care products in an affordable range. The products are made of one hundred percent natural ingredients. They contain essential ingredients like protein, fat, carbohydrate, moisture, etc., which are beneficial for your pet’s health. The munchies and other treats provided by this company are not only rich in nutritional content but are also paw licking delicious. They will surely make the belly of your pets more satisfied and agree with their taste.

We, at Pets World, care for the comfort and health of your pet and bring the products from the brand of Munch & Crunch to ensure that your beloved pet gets to nibble on munchies and remain satisfied. There are a number of treats from this brand available on our website including munchies in various flavors, rawhide chips, meaty bone kibbles, tripe chews, rawhide chew chips, sliced meaty bones and many more.

These treats are made keeping in mind the oral and dental hygiene requirement of your pets and no chemicals or artificial ingredients are used in their production. The product carry the stamp of approval of international quality standards. This makes sure that your darling pets only receive the worthiest and healthiest treats. In our wide and extensive range of pet care products at Pets World, the products from Munch & Crunch are offered to you at amazing prices.

  1. Munch & Crunch Rawhide Chew Chips
    Munch & Crunch Rawhide Chew Chips
  2. Munch & Crunch Meaty Bones Sliced
    Munch & Crunch Meaty Bones Sliced
  3. Munch & Crunch Chicken Munchies
    Munch & Crunch Chicken Munchies
  4. Munch & Crunch Tripe Chews
    Munch & Crunch Tripe Chews
  5. Munch & Crunch Munchies Milk Flavour 350 gms
    Munch & Crunch Munchies Milk Flavour 350 gms
  6. Munch & Crunch Meaty Bone Kibble
    Munch & Crunch Meaty Bone Kibble

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